sourced, seasoned firewood that’s delivered to your door.

We care passionately about the environment and love trees - this is why all of our wood is helping to reduce waste.

Sometimes trees need to be removed or replaced by tree surgeons for various reasons, and we don't let that wood go to waste - this is where we get our firewood! We don't fell trees for the purpose of firewood.

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Our Firewood

We are passionate about the planet, which is why all of our firewood is a by-product. This means that it comes from trees that have been taken down by tree surgeons for various reasons. Rather than let this wood go to waste, we recycle it.

To reduce our carbon footprint, the wood we supply is always a locally sourced seasoned firewood.

We also do not use plastic, at all… ever! We ensure that there is no unnecessary packaging or labels that come with our firewood deliveries.

After ordering your firewood, you will receive it at your door within seven days. We’ll contact you to arrange delivery.

Hardwood Load of Logs

Approximately 1.5 m3.

Softwood Load Of Logs

Approximately 1.5 m3.

Mixed Load Of Logs

Approximately 1.5 m3.

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Our Firewood

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