About Us

Firewood Northumberland is a small, rural business. We're passionate about this beautiful county and the wider environment. We don't fell trees for firewood.

How it Works

1 Firewood Northumberland takes waste wood from local tree surgeons

2 Over two years, we turn the unwanted wood into seasoned firewood

3 You place your order with us

4 We contact you about your delivery

5 You enjoy your locally-produced, sustainable firewood

Our Mission

Northumberland is a wonderful place to live and work. We want to help to keep it that way while being part of the county’s vital rural economy.  

We’ve built a firewood business that we are proud of –  our firewood is a by-product of tree surgery and we don’t use plastic.

We only deliver to Northumberland, North Tyneside, Gateshead and Newcastle to keep the environmental impact of our firewood down.

We want customers to come back to year after year to Firewood Northumberland. We know that depends on delivering a good product and backing it up with great customer service. 

Satisfied Customers